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Mommy Labor Nurse

Feb 10, 2020

In this episode, I do an extended q&a session-taking questions that you guys have given me about breastfeeding!

Here are the questions we go over!

  1. How does breast milk supply work?
  2. What are some of the best ways to increase my milk supply?
  3. What is the best pump? What are the types of ways to express milk?
  4. What about weaning? Do you have any tips on safely weaning from breastfeeding?
  5. Going into breastfeeding, what are some of the best resources I can use to prepare myself?
  6. What do I do if I’m having trouble?
  7. My supply is too much! How do I decrease it?
  8. I’m going back to work soon, what are some good tips for going back?
  9. Is it ok to give formula and breastfeed at the same time? How does that work?



Milkology course:

Kelly Mom - a great website for breastfeeding moms:

My article on weaning:

My article on increasing supply:



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