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Mommy Labor Nurse

Mar 2, 2020

In this episode, I interview my friend Tanya! She is the founder of Pebble, an amazing online company that allows moms to receive postnatal care from the comfort of home!

These are the topics we go over!

  • The Postpartum Care Gap
    • Where our current healthcare system is falling short (lack of education, absence & fragmentation of care, accessibility challenges, etc)
    • What's at stake (high rates of PMADs, pelvic floor dysfunction, maternal mortality/morbidity rates, etc)
    • Why no one talks about it
  • Why postpartum care is needed
    • What physical & emotional challenges new mothers experience in typical postpartum period
    • What complications can arise that could greatly benefit from early identification
  • ACOG 2018 Committee Opinion advocating for better postpartum care
    • OB community recognizing where the system falls short
    • The challenge of implementing their own recommendations 
  • Pebble as a new paradigm for postpartum care
    • How Pebble checks all the ACOG boxes
    • How Pebble overcomes the barriers to care typically experienced by new moms (comprehensive care management; increased ease/accessibility through video appointments)



Today’s episode is sponsored by Pebble! 
Did you ever notice that women are monitored closely for 40 weeks of pregnancy, but once we have our babies we’re sent home with no follow-ups aside from one short visit 6 weeks later? Sadly, our healthcare system falls short in providing postnatal care for the very typical challenges nearly every mother encounters after birth. Our bodies don’t just “snap back” as most of us assume, and postpartum health outcomes impact a mother’s overall future health, as well as the health of future pregnancies. 


Pebble is reinventing the postpartum care experience. Through their website, book live video appointments with top-rated pregnancy and postpartum healthcare specialists all from the comfort of home - because, let’s face it, it can be tough to get out of the house with a newborn!

Pebble’s new, first-of-its kind, comprehensive postnatal care program is designed to provide all you need to support your recovery from childbirth and see to your successful transition to motherhood.  Pebble Complete Care highlights include:

✔ 1 on 1 Care through 30-60 min virtual appointments with your dedicated Care Partner
✔ Education: Learn about what to expect BEFORE it happens
✔ Emotional Wellness: Ongoing emotional support and screening for postpartum depression/anxiety
✔ Physical Recovery: Visit a Women’s Health Physical Therapist to check for complications (this usually goes unidentified and pops up later!)
✔ Breastfeeding Help: Ongoing education and support - they’ll even send a lactation consultant (IBCLC) to your home!
✔ Partner 
Support: Involve your partner to support their own transition to parenthood
✔ Unlimited Access: Unlimited messaging with your Care Partner
✔ Peer Community: Join a group of peers going on this wild ride of motherhood alongside you!
Visit to schedule a free call to learn more. And for our listeners they’re offering an amazing discount - use code MLN200 to get $200 off the Complete Care program!

Mommy Knows Best

Today's episode is sponsored by Mommy Knows Best!

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Whether you’re a new mom or a pro, Mommy Knows Best gives you plenty of options, all of which are created with the health and safety of both baby and mom in mind. 

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