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Mommy Labor Nurse

Jun 12, 2020

In this episode, Jasmine shares her preemie story at 25 weeks.

Jasmine's Bio:

Jasmine Hill is a 27 year old, soon to be mother of 2, a prematurity awareness advocate and an entrepreneur who develops natural hair care products to women of all backgrounds. She has been married to her husband for almost 4 years, and was not expecting to be able to get pregnant due to her stage 4 endometriosis. However she and her husband both received the shock of their lives when they found out they were expecting in Nov of 2018. Little did they they know, their pregnancy would have some issues that could have potentially caused their son to be born premature and spend 108 days in the NICU. Due to their experience Jasmine's husband, Rodney, has developed a small clothing line to raise awareness about preterm births and prematurity, She currently 7 months pregnant again, due in April of this year. Here is their story.

Jasmine's Birth Story

My whole pregnancy from week 10, I was having UTI/kidney issues but the doctors could never pinpoint what was going on. At 22 weeks went back to the hospital, and was admitted again for possible kidney infection. The results were negative to any bacteria. However, at this point I started contracting not knowing I was, so they put a monitor on me to view my contractions and sure enough they were true because it dilated my cervix 1cm. In the following week, I had multiple OB appointments, maternal specialist appointment and coming to find out I was 80% effaced and my cervix measured 1.5cm in length. I was devastated. I did not want my baby to come at 24 weeks. Upon the doctors examining she sent me directly to the hospital for bed rest. I was there for about a week, had various scans and ultrasound and funny thing, Is nothing was wrong with Miguel he was always fine. A strong little guy! The doctors were doing all they could to keep him in. Mag drips, steroid shots, morphine, change positions, relaxation but Miguel had a mind of his own. At about 8p March 30. I was having some unusual pain, like menstrual pain combined with terrible back aches and I called the nurse who called the doctor. They just gave me more mag. About 2 hours later the pain increased and I started to bleed. The doctor who examined me and said I was still just 2cm and no change. I did not think that to be true. He gave me morphine, and it worked for about 2 hours and through the night the pain was just excruciating! I could hardly sleep let alone breathe. It got so bad I called for the doc again but he said he was just gonna leave me for the morning doctor. I was livid! But it worked out to be a blessing because the night before, I prayed if I was gonna deliver I wanted a specific doctor and that morning that is exactly who walked in. From that point I knew it was a lot we were up against but God was holding our hand.As soon as she came in, she did an ultrasound and a cervical check and told me..."we are going to be delivering your baby today. You are fully dilated...I was shocked but reassured. Instantly I was rushed into the delivery room and asked if I wanted a epidural. Of course I consented because of the pain I had been in. I was in so much pain, I didn't even know they had given it to me, but Once it was given, I shook for a little bit and then I slept for 2 whole hours. Then she came back in and said he is crowning and ready to come out. His head is coming out. It took all of 2 pushes to get him out. On March 31st at 12:46pm Miguel was at 25 weeks 2 days gestation and came out weighing 1lb 10oz. Although small, red and extremely premature our little fight let out the loudest cry with his eyes opened to show us God had him. Though has been thru many struggles such as, anemia, brain bleeds, lung bleeds, possible sepsis, pneumonia, UTI, and been on 5 different levels of respiratory support. With faith, we all have made it thru the N.I.C.U journey 108 days later weighing 7lbs 4oz. We are happy to have him home now for about 6 months and now weighing 21lbs. We owe all of his and our strength to God for looking out for him and not forgetting us.



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