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Mommy Labor Nurse

Aug 3, 2020

In this episode, I interview my friend Karrie, a postpartum and nursery RN, all about what she does to take care of patients postpartum, recovery, breastfeeding, bleeding, and more!

Here are the questions we go over!

- What sort of work do you currently do - what kind of care do you provide? How long have you been a postpartum RN/how much do you work on the floor?
- What are some of the most common complaints you see moms/parents face in those first few days?
- Do you assist moms with breastfeeding, what is your philosophy on breastfeeding?
- Let’s talk about infant care - what are some of the common things new parents struggle with regarding infant care?- Let’s do a deep dive into wet/dirty diapers - what to look for, what’s abnormal, how much/how little should baby be putting out?
- For mom’s recovery, let’s talk about bleeding - vaginal delivery vs. c/section
- What are some of the most common things you wished everyone knew as far as postpartum recovery?
- Are there any MUST HAVE items that mom should have on hand in hospital or upon return to home to assist with recovery?
Karrie's Bio:
I’m Karrie— a Postpartum + Nursery RN and mama to 3 young kids all 4 and under! I have been a Postpartum/Nursery RN in the hospital setting for 8 years and love the education portion of my job. After becoming a mother, myself, I really recognized how *little* the postpartum period is discussed— not just in the hospital, but at home: hormones, milk supply, no sleep, mental health, pain, and more. I created my Instagram page (@karrie_locher) & website ( to help educate, inform, encourage, and support other mamas. We can celebrate the bliss & support each other through the struggles motherhood brings. The biggest asset to the postpartum experience is being informed— I’ve got you. 
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Mommy Labor Nurse

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