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Mommy Labor Nurse

Aug 24, 2020

In this episode, my friend Stephanie and I talk about everything doula!

Here are the questions we go over:

1. Tell me about your business providing doula care, what sort of care do you provide moms?
2. For those who don’t exactly know what a doula is, how would you best describe yourself? (Might be too similar to above question hah but some people just don’t know what doulas are so I want to be super clear lol!)
3. What are some of the advantages of having a doula during birth?
4. Do you provide postpartum doula care as well?
5. What is the average cost for doula care, is anything covered by insurance?
6. Would you recommend someone hire a doula if they plan for an epidural? What about for a scheduled c-section?
7. How do I go about finding a doula in my area?
8. Do you provide any virtual care, especially now with COVID 19? Have you had to change anything about your business?
9. Any last tips for moms on the fence about hiring one?

Stephanie's Bio:

Stephanie is from Minnesota. She is a wife of 8 years to her husband, Brian, who is a Golf Professional. She is also a mom of three, including twins. She loves to spend her days home with her six year old daughter and boy/girl two year old twins. She lives for nights out with her husband and scrapbooking getaways with her girlfriends. She is also pretty much obsessed with motherhood and thinks the world of other moms, babies, birth and all things positive!

 Because of her love for women, especially moms, Stephanie founded How 2 Mom in 2015. How 2 Mom is a community and support group for all moms. They also offer birth services for prenatal, birth and postpartum care and have a team of birth professionals. They share tips, tricks, products and stories through How 2 Mom’s Blog.

 Stephanie strives to be the type of influencer through How 2 Mom that showcases all sides of motherhood; the good and the hard! After becoming a new mom she noticed that this type of community was missing in her own circle of influence, so she created it. She has a vision of a one-stop-shop since motherhood is already so overwhelming. She's even created a Resource Directory on the website featuring a loyal list of professionals for their mom community.

 Since creating this dynamic and authentic community, they’ve gained a strong and loyal community who voted How 2 Mom as Parent Blogger of the Year in 2018. How 2 Mom has also been featured on podcasts and hosts monthly events and support groups to connect, support and educate women on all things motherhood. Be on the lookout for her upcoming online program for moms and The Mom 2 Mom Podcast!

You can find Stephanie on social media here:
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