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Mommy Labor Nurse

Oct 12, 2020

In this episode, my employees and I continue the conversation about my second postpartum experience with Ryland!

Here are the questions we go over!

  1. How was your bleeding within those first couple of days after giving birth?
    1. Can you tell us more about how your bleeding transitioned - from giving birth to now being 7 weeks postpartum.
  2. Let’s talk more about that 2nd degree tear. How was your recovery with that? 
    1. What kinds of things did you do to help with the pain and discomfort? 
    2. How do things feel now that you are 7 weeks out?
  3. How has your mental health been since having Ryland, and how does it differ from the postpartum stage with Walter?
  4. If you have been following Mommy Labor Nurse for a while, you probably know that Liesel had some struggles with breastfeeding Walter. Liesel, why don’t you just give us a quick recap of your breastfeeding journey with him. 
  5. Knowing you struggled with a low supply with Walter, did you do anything during this pregnancy to help prepare your body for breastfeeding?
  6. Let’s talk about those first couple of weeks after Ryland was born - how was breastfeeding going? What did you do differently this time around compared to Walter?
  7. And now 6 weeks out from birth - how is nursing going?
  8. On Monday you went to your 6 week postpartum appointment. Can you share what exactly was done at that appointment?
  9. Now that you are 7 weeks out from delivery, what next? (talk about pelvic floor PT, chiropractor, Pebble?)
  10. Overall how did the transition go bringing home a second baby? What did you think it was going to be like and how did the reality compare? Which was harder - bringing home Walter or Ryland?
  11. Any tips for moms out there you are going to be bringing a second baby home soon? How did you juggle having a toddler and a newborn?