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Mommy Labor Nurse

Oct 26, 2020

In this episode, I interview my friend KC all about

KC's Bio:

KC is a pediatric physical therapist, specializing in motor development of children 0-3 years of age. She has been working in the physical therapy field with children for just under a decade, and is passionate about arming parents with knowledge & instilling confidence while teaching them how to understand & foster their child’s development. She is also a wife, mother to two girls, and the founder of Milestones & Motherhood, a community focused on parent education. She found after working in the field that parents simply weren’t provided information about what to expect in regards to milestones & their child’s development, which often leads to stress, comparison, & fears. She began her instagram page to provide free tips, tricks & information to parents to bridge this gap.
You can find KC on social media here:
Instagram: @milestones.and.motherhood,
Resources from the episode:
KC created a Motor Milestone PDF that covers the first 3 years of gross motor milestones, including activities and photos to encourage milestone acquisition, general developmental information, when to speak to your pediatrician, & tips for other areas of development.


Newborn Basics 101

I’m still basking in the newborn snuggles (and struggles) over here and feeling super excited about Halloween with my TWO little ones this year.

With a newborn around, I’ve been catapulted back into newborn care 101 myself these days.

And you better believe I’m putting ALL the info in my Newborn Basics course to the test. The swaddling, the cord care, the witching hour – I’m living it mama!

What’s awesome about this for you? I FULLY UPDATED Newborn Basics to include video content and demonstrations with my real live newborn!

To celebrate the course updates, I’m having a site-wide sale from October 30th at 10am EST until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, November 1st!

All of my individual products will be 30% off and bundles will be 10% off!

I can’t wait to be a part of your journey!!!