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Mommy Labor Nurse

Dec 7, 2020

In this episode, Kelsey shares her two very different birth stories with her son and daughter, the second being a healing experience after the trauma from her first.

Kelsey's Bio:

Kelsey Fay is a 27 year old stay at home mother of 2. She and her husband has been married for almost 4 years, together for 11 years total! She welcomed her first child in February of 2018, experiencing a somewhat traumatic birth, including a failed epidural, a fast labor that resulted in her doctor not arriving in time, and an experience with a less than helpful lactation consultant. Her second birth, in December of 2019, was another quick birth, and required vacuum assistance as a result of her son’s heart rate dropping quite a few time. However, even though her second birth required some unexpected interventions due to the umbilical cord being wrapped around her son’s neck multiple times, she felt that it was very much a healing experience after the trauma of her daughter’s birth. Kelsey also addresses her two very different experiences with breastfeeding and lactation support, and how education for expectant mothers is crucial.



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