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Mommy Labor Nurse

Nov 20, 2019

In this episode, we dive into all things car seats! As you know, car seat safety so so crazy important! 

Here are the questions we go over!

  1.  If I am just bringing my baby home from the hospital, let’s go over the basics when buckling baby in?
  2.  Talk to me about the “pinch test” 
  3.  What about my baby’s head and how it hangs? I’m concerned he can’t breathe!
  4.  So, how do I buckle my baby in with a coat? What if he is cold?
  5.  What about sleeping babies in car seats? How long is that ok?
  6.  Rear-facing vs. Front Facing - what are the biggest safety concerns? When is it safe to switch my child to front-facing?
  7.  I’m concerned my baby’s legs are bent too much and he is uncomfortable rear-facing? (Let’s debunk that myth lol)
  8.  Where should I go or who should I contact if I need help installing my car seat and/or making sure my baby is buckled in?
  9.  Any last tips you have for moms!