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Mommy Labor Nurse

Feb 3, 2020

In this episode, my friend Carly shares her VBAC experience after having two c-sections, and finding a great provider who was supportive of her wishes!

Carly's Birth Story:

Carly's first 2 births were 19 months apart and very similar. Healthy pregnancies, in labor on her own before her due date, pushing for a while, then resulting in a c-section due to failure to progress from baby's posterior position. For baby #3, Carly's original OBGYN told her they would no longer support attempting a VBAC after 2 c-sections in a row so she began searching for a provider who would evaluate her 3rd pregnancy on its own merits, not simply because of doctor liability. After finding a doctor who was supportive of Carly's wishes, she was confident about her 3rd pregnancy. At 9 weeks pregnant, Carly experienced a major subchorionic hemorrhage that she was told could result in a miscarriage. Bleeding lasted on and off for roughly 2 weeks and an ultrasound showed that the hemorrhage encompassed more than 50% of her uterine wall. Thankfully, after bed rest, pelvic rest, and no lifting, a followup ultrasound revealed the hemorrhage had dissolved and baby was perfectly healthy! Carly went into labor around 9am in the morning 2 days before her due date. She headed to the hospital wondering how this 3rd birth would end up! After laboring for about 5 hours at the hospital she was ready to push! While pushing for about a half hour, Carly was remembering how she had been to this point before and still ended in a c-section so didn't want to get her hopes too up. But during a contraction while closing her eyes to push as hard as she could she heard her doctor say words she'll never forget: "open your eyes and look at your baby!" Baby Jude came out a happy, healthy, quiet little 7lb 13oz bundle. Everyone in the room was ELATED knowing the previous birth history. Now she wants to share her story more because she struggled to find support and positive stories from other experiences of vaginal births after 2 c-sections.
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