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Mommy Labor Nurse

Dec 17, 2019

Lindsay's Birth Story

My pregnancy with my oldest son, Wyatt, was quite eventful. My pregnancy started out normal and uneventful but I developed Shingles in my 2nd trimester. I have Crohn's disease and take a strong immunsuppresive medication and was advised by my OB to stop the medication, for fear the Shingles would spread and get much worse if my immune system was weakened. While that plan did help the Shingles calm down, it also kicked off an intense Crohn's disease flare, which ultimately lead to a 3 week early emergency c-section birth. While my birth with our oldest was scary and stressful, he was born perfectly happy and healthy, which was a tremendous blessing.

Fast forward 3.5 years and I was lucky enough to get pregnant a second time. My pregnancy was very normal and my Crohns was well managed by my medication. I had to decide between a VBAC and a scheduled c-section and my personal choice was to schedule a c-section. My fear was I would attempt a VBAC, it would not go as planned, and I would end up with another emergency c-section. My c-section stories are different but at the end of the day, they resulted in healthy, happy, baby boys and for that I am so grateful.