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Mommy Labor Nurse

Dec 14, 2020

In this episode, I answer your most commonly asked questions about labor and delivery!

Here are the questions I go over!

  1. Any advice on choosing a pediatrician?
  2. Is it standard to have to lie down to push? Dr. told me I couldn’t deliver while standing or squatting.
  3. Is it normal for Braxton Hicks to slow down? I had them more often last month
  4. Fetal hiccups. Went to worry? I’m 31 weeks
  5. Third pregnancy, 37 weeks, baby hasn’t dropped yet, previous babies dropped early, normal?
  6. If my water breaks and I go to the hospital am I stuck on the bed?
  7. Have you had any moms with polycystic kidney disease have a success for delivery without a C-section?
  8. 3 1/2 months postpartum normal delivery. Having white glass like discharge in vagina. Is this normal?
  9. Is it true that you must wake up to do a night feed to keep milk supply up? at what time?
  10. Can you explain what stations mean? Midwife said I was -2 at 36 weeks pregnant?
  11. How long will your cervix stay dilated at 10 cm?
  12. What are good thank you gifts for nurse’s? I’m 36 weeks!
  13. It’s lightning crotch OK to have at 28 weeks?
  14. Is it possible to do skin to skin immediately after a C-section? I felt like it was forever to see my baby
  15. How often is your nurse typically in the room? Is Covid changing this?
  16. Where in the arm is a saline lock to IV usually in place? Are different placements better for movement?
  17. Any TV shows about labor and delivery?



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