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Mommy Labor Nurse

Jan 7, 2020

In this episode, I interview my friend Jeanice all about pelvic floor sexual health!

Here are the questions we go over!

  1. Ok, so what exactly happens during pregnancy, and during delivery, to disrupt sexual health?
  2. Let’s start talking about postpartum sex, how long should I wait?
  3. Should it hurt at all? What should I do if it does?
  4. Give me your best tips for having a pain-free experience
  5. When should I seek help from a pelvic floor specialist? How do I even find one?
  6. What should I expect a typical visit to look like? How long does the treatment typically last?
  7. I’m SO embarrassed (and nervous/scared), and I can’t even think about going to a pelvic floor specialist..what should I do?
  8. Sex has never really felt great to me, and now that I’ve had a baby it’s worse & painful, is this something that pelvic floor therapy can help?
  9. Any last tips you have for moms struggling with sexual health after pregnancy?

You can find Jeanice on social media here:


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