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Mommy Labor Nurse

Apr 13, 2020

In this episode, I interview my friend Lisa, the founder of Bumpin Blends, about common nutritional needs during pregnancy!

Here are the topics we go over:

-Iron deficiency
-DASH diet for preeclampsia 
-Gestational Diabetes
Lisa's Bio:


I had used smoothies throughout my pregnancy as a means to meet my baby’s needs while nurturing my own -- getting my nutrients in while including ingredients to soothe my nausea, bring down my swollen ankles, and of course, to satisfy my cookie dough cravings!

As a registered dietitian, even I was overwhelmed by not only the sheer number of nutritional needs to be met when making a tiny human (folate, and vitamin D, and omega-3s… oh my!), but how challenging it was to squeeze all these nutrients into my day (especially since I really just felt like eating mac n cheese and mint chip ice cream).

On that particular morning, accidentally breaking open a full bag of chia seeds and having them spill all over the floor was no surprise. It was one of many recent clumsy moments in the kitchen, including blending a wooden spatula into an acai bowl, visiting the ER after a failed chopping carrots situation (ten stitches!), staining our countertop with wild blueberries, just to name a few… I was officially too pregnant to play in the kitchen, which made me wonder if other mamas out there were feeling that way, too.

So, I set out to help other women, moms, and soon-to-be mamas meet their nutritional needs and nurture their symptoms in an easy, fast, and delicious way. No more crying over spilled chia seeds.


Bumpin Blends

Imagine customized smoothies to meet your exact needs… and for pregnant and postpartum nursing moms, those of your baby as well! Bumpin Blends is an amazing way to get the nutrients you require while expecting and what your body is craving postpartum.
This genius solution to help improve the many symptoms of new motherhood creates custom pre-blended, frozen smoothie cubes that are delivered every 2 weeks! Each of their 22 smoothie blends is designed to support a particular symptom of motherhood from pregnancy symptoms (like morning sickness and swollen ankles) to postpartum needs (like boosting milk supply and mood) to the many needs of an on-the-go mom (like energy and reducing anxiety). The process is simple:
- Fill in your symptoms, due date or baby’s age, and dietary preferences.
- Bumpin Blends customizes seven different smoothies specific to your needs and sets you up with your own 24/7 nutritionist. Your smoothie cubes are delivered to your door every other week.
- Pour a packet of pre-blended cubes into the blender, add liquid, and enjoy! The packets are even designed to be opened with one hand - making them perfect for a mom juggling it all!
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Mommy Labor Nurse

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