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Mommy Labor Nurse

Jul 13, 2020

In this episode, my friend Gail, the founder of Spinning Babies®, comes back a second time to talk inductions, VBACs, belly mapping, and more!

Click here to listen to part 1!

Here are the questions we go over!

  •  Inductions are becoming more and more the common thing (at least here in the US) -first off, what are you thoughts on inductions, and how can we still incorporate Spinning Babies methodologies during an induced labor?
  • For moms who plan to VBAC - are there any differences, and/or special considerations you recommend for these moms?
  • Let’s talk about Belly Mapping! (I know this is something you guys coined!) What is Belly Mapping?
  • Any last tips for moms?


This episode was sponsored by Spinning Babies!

The word “Spinning” in Spinning Babies® means how babies move through the pelvis to find the most space to come down. What makes birth easier for baby is what makes birth easier for Mom. 

Our Spinning Babies® mission is to make physiological birth more accessible to birthing people and providers alike. For instance, we believe that being head down is only half the story. How baby’s head enters the top of the pelvis correlates with length of labor and ease of labor. When facing forward a first baby may not be able to rotate for a day or two. We offer daily activities to add comfort in pregnancy now and ease in labor later.  

The Daily Essentials video is the easiest way to learn the habits and moves. Starting in mid-pregnancy is ideal. 

The Parent Class video or an in-person Parent Class for late pregnancy. The Parent Class video has lots of labor tips and techniques for comfort and also to help labor stay on track to help avoid cesareans simply because baby’s not aiming into the pelvis. 

Does your doctor or midwife require baby to be head down before labor? Do they do cesarean birth for all breeches? Are you pregnant and hoping to avoid surgery? Then the Helping Your Breech Baby Turn eBook is for you. Prepare for an easier childbirth with this eBook, a self-directed 6-day program for pregnant parents with a breech baby developed by a Certified Professional Midwife.

Listeners of Mommy Nurse Labor podcast can use the code MOMMY15 on the Spinning Babies® online shop for 15% off your purchase of the Helping Your Breech Baby Turn eBook.

Belly Mapping Workbook

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