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Mommy Labor Nurse

Jan 11, 2021

In today’s episode of the Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast we’re going to set the record straight on pregnancy fitness! I’m interviewing Sarah Kuhn, a prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist and the founder of Juna!

Sponsor: Juna App

This week’s episode was sponsored by the app Sarah founded - Juna. It was created to provide scientifically backed, up to date fitness and nutrition information, all in one place to pregnant and postpartum mamas.

When you download Juna you’ll enter your baby’s due date - if you’re expecting - or your baby’s birthday if you’ve already had your baby, & you’ll be put directly into the appropriate week of your journey.

There’s a key nutrient every single week with recipe suggestions, a daily trimester-specific workout, and pregnancy and postpartum tips from Sarah and the team at Juna. There’s really no other app like it out there!

Sarah is giving a special offer to Mommy Labor Nurse listeners so right now you can get Juna for 20% off your subscription by using the code LIESEL at